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  • 2015 Head of the Yarra [CLUB]

2015 Head of the Yarra [CLUB]

  • 28 Nov 2015
  • Yarra River, Melbourne


  • This regatta fee has two components: (1) A per regatta transport fee ($15.00 Metro)); plus (2) an event fee ($55.00).

Registration is closed

The Head of the Yarra is held annually on the last Saturday of November.

Are you up for the gruelling 8.6km rowing challenge upstream from the heart of Melbourne winding up the Yarra River to Hawthorn?

Registering for a Regatta [Members Only]

  1. Go to www.headoftheyarra.com for the latest info.
  2. Review 'Get Regatta Ready' 
  3. Let the Captain know that you would like to enter.  The Captain will coordinate boats and equipment
  4. Pay your Regatta Fees. Pay your Oar (per event) and Transport fees by registering for this event

If you have any questions contact the Regatta Secretary or the Captain.

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